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Hand crafted, stylish beds to keep your loved ones safe.

Standard pod in room
Jungle themed complex care pod door open

Peace of mind

Some adults and children require an extra level of care to keep them safe during the day and especially at night. While our products are not a substitute for proper supervision they can provide a much safer environment, enabling them (and their carers) to relax, sleep and have a better quality of life by using our special need beds.

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Safe and secure beds

Our products have provided soft, safe spaces for sleep and play for many autistic adults and children and have also been used for people with challenging behaviour, Angelman syndrome, fragile X, and in the care of people with epilepsy, brittle bones, head trauma, dementia and many other conditions that require a safe and soft environment.

Standard pod door closed

Unique features with a modular design

Safe profiling and 
high / low options

Our products are designed to be adaptable. Not only do we tailor make to the individual and the room by offering a range of wall designs, you can also update the equipment as you go along. If climbing is a problem - add a roof, if the carer needs help with changing - convert it to a Hi-Lo. Need castors or feet? No problem.

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Profiling mattress in the complex care pod

Four sizing options + custom size

Illustration of an elephant by Alice Walters

Maxi2m x 2m

The Maxi has the internal size of 2m x 2m, in the home it provides a safe environment that is big enough for both sleep and day time play. In schools it can be used as a free standing safe play room, therapy area or furnished with sound and lights as a sensory room.

Illustration of a tiger by Alice Walters

Midi2m x 1.4m

The Midi has an internal size of 2 x 1.4m and is available in three different wall heights 1.4,, 1.7 and 2 meters. Whether it’s reading a story, helping them get to sleep or when they’re ill, a bit of space to share the bed is always handy. The Midi will fit into most rooms and still offer some room for storage.

Illustration of a monkey by Alice Walters

3/42m x 1.2m

The 3/4 has an internal size of 2 x 1.2m and is available in three different wall heights 1.4,, 1.7 and 2 meters. With its wider mattress it is a great size for the adult who needs a bigger bed but doesn’t quite have the room for a Midi. Due to the Safe & Sound design the 3/4 is available with both Hi-lo and profiling.

Illustration of an armadillo by Alice Walters

Mini1.9 x 0.9m

The Mini has an internal size of 1.9m x 0.9m and is available in 1.4m , 1.7m and 2 meters wall heights. The Mini provides a single bed sized space that fits into all but the smallest of rooms. It is ideal where the intended use is for a safe sleep area, leaving the rest of the room available for play and storage. The Mini is available with Hi-Lo function.

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CustomUp to 2m x 2m

Sometimes none of our standard size safe environments will fit into the available space. If this happens we can custom make a pod to fit the space you have, up to 2m (79″) long in any one dimension. Custom sizes do however cost slightly more and our emergency next day replacement fabric service is not available due to its custom size.

Our beds are loved by a community of carers

Recent testimonials

Dad holding twin boys
It’s a lovely piece of equipment and there’s something calming about it once inside.
A boy under bed covers
My only regret is that we didn’t get one sooner. It’s absolutely brilliant!
Boy sleeping
My son is sleeping so well, he feels safe and absolutely loves his bed.