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To order a product, we will need to have a telephone consultation with you to discuss our product further and discuss with you the features we have included in the basic model, and any added extras that may be required, based on your individual requirements.

You can call us on 07585 667 248 or 07731 793 687 to discuss further.

Mini (single bed size) with low sidesfrom £ 4310
Mini (single bed size) with high sidesfrom £ 4310
Midi (double bed size) with high sidesfrom £ 4510
Maxi (2m x 2m)from £4682
Made to fit custom size (any size up to 2m)from £ 4000 – 5000
HiLo module (add to cost of Mini, Midi or custom)from £ 1275
Travel Podfrom £ 1871
Soft Safe Profiling (only available on Mini)£1100

Why buy from us?

Experience: you may not have heard of us, but behind the scenes we have been designing and manufacturing these products for more than 16 years.

Problem solving: We design and manufacture everything on site, problem solving and customising to the individual is what we do best.

Pricing: Deal direct with the manufacturer and get a very competitive deal.

Service: Ask any of our customers. We go the extra mile to make sure your happy.

Design: Our skills encompass engineering, textile design and industrial sewing. We believe in simple, long lasting designs that look attractive and desirable .

Ethics: The last thing anyone wants is an expensive white elephant. These products can provide life changing help in the right situation, please use our expertise to help you decide if our products will work in your application. We will never try to sell you a product that we believe is not suitable.