Come and see a Safe&Sound at our next exhibition

Kidz Wales Hoist friendly special needs travel bed

Many thanks to David Wilson of  R82 UK Ltd who kindly demonstrated how easy it is to use a mobile hoist with our travel pod at the Kidz Wales exhibition. Watch the film on the travel pod page.

We exhibit our pods at many exhibitions around the country, the next chance to see a Safe&Sound pod will be at follows:-

Assert conference  Sat 3rd Sept

Kidz Scotland  in Edinburgh   15th Sept

About Autism  Liverpool   15th Oct

Kidz North   17th Nov

OT  show    23rd – 24th  Nov

Help & Advice

We are passionate about what we do and we have been doing it for 18 years! Because we work in a VERY specialist area and we love problem solving we can offer you a service that we believe is second to none. Sadly people often come to us after trying many different beds that fail to deliver and require replacement, costing time, money and disappointment to the family or carers. We pride ourselves on being an ethical company; we will never sell you a product that  we feel is not suitable. Our products are designed and custom built in house and are sold direct to you at very competitive prices.  Our advise and experience is at your disposal. Please feel free to discuss your requirements.


As council funds become more and more difficult to access OTs need to fight for every piece of equipment. We hope that the case study will help you make the best case for funding especially when one considers the cost savings that can be made in the long term. Unfortunately these savings are normally on someone else’s budget and thus not of interest to some less enlightened funding bodies.

To help your case we can offer you the following possibilities :-

  • Full PowerPoint presentation of the independent case study.
  • Demonstration of a Safe & Sound Pod for your funding body. We can often come and show our Pods and answer any questions you may not be able to answer.
  • Newlife charity and a few councils use our travel version to trial the concept before buying a permanent version, since our travel version is the lowest priced bed of its type this is a very cost effective way to prove that this equipment will work.

If none of this will work with your local funding body we work closely with several charities who have provided funding for many of our products. Like all funding bodies you will need to show them the following:-

  • Methods you have tried before looking at our equipment (behaviour modification, stable doors etc.)
  • Evidence that state funding has not been made available.
  • A pro-forma Invoice for our equipment.

Once you have all this information we would suggest the following charities:-


Welcome to the new website Feb 2015

We hope you like our new website we have tried to make it clutter free and simple to use, with lots of video’s to make it easier to understand the products. Please let us know what you think. The old site at will now become a site dedicated to our new exciting new product watch this space for details.