Our Directors Tom and Michelle

Located in West Yorkshire, Sandholme Sawmill is the home of Creative Care Limited.

Based in West Yorkshire we are a small manufacturing company incorporating both engineering and sewing.

Back in 1998, one of our friends was having a hard time with her autistic son. Eight years of not sleeping properly, his ability to get into dangerous situations and his continuous banging on windows and walls were making the situation untenable.

At the time the only solution was room padding which was both highly expensive, did not address the banging on the windows and would have required major alterations to their house.

Using a combination of skills as an aircraft structures engineer and my knowledge of textiles gained working as a rucksack designer for Karrimor Limited, we were able to develop a free standing structure with both the strength to stand the abuse and the softness to protect the user, with the added bonus of dulling any noise produced.

So successful was the design that it has been used in many homes, schools, hospices and other institutions throughout the UK and abroad.

With 16 years experience of making these products, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that has supported with the redesign of these products in recent years. Our latest products sees a whole host of new features and using Michelle’s skills in art and design we have taken special needs products in a new stylish direction.

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