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Ceiling track hoist friendly high sided cot bed

Ceiling Track hoist friendly pod (static or HiLo, single or double bed size, three wall height sizes)

Our pods can now be used with ceiling track hoists, whether you need a HiLo function, castors or fixed we can produce a non medical looking bed made to your exact requirements.

Anti bacterial lacquer:

Make the inside of your pod anti-bac for LIFE.  A must if smearing is problem this lacquer makes keeping the pod stain and smell free so much easier.

Soft safe bed for Epilepsy

ALL  our pods are CUSTOM made to meet the needs of the individual.

The bed opposite was made for a young man with temperature sensitive epilepsy. Working with his OT we made his bed with as much netting as possible, zips had pullers on both sides to allow easy access for both him and his parents, holes were cut in the base board to allow wiring for an epilepsy monitor. Due to frequent vomiting the inside was coated with Anti-bac lacquer and finally the narrow wall was made with a side that rolled up so he could sleep with a door open but still in safety if he wanted to to use a floor standing fan in summer.

How Safe&Sound pods can help

Problems a safe environment can help with

Safe & Sound pod overview

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Picture1Since no gap is required between the walls of the room and the  Safe&Sound Pod they can make the best use of the available space. They also have the added benefit that the padded corners act as barriers to stop access down the sides. 

Safe environments for special needs adults and childernFoot to allow DFG grantsSafe & Sound Pods can be fitted with Standard feet that can be screwed to the floor to comply with DFG grants, or fitted with castors to aid cleaning and increase flexibility.

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Why buy from us?

  • Experience: you may not have heard of us, but behind the scenes we have been designing and manufacturing these products for more than 16 years.
  • Problem solving: We design and manufacture everything on site, problem solving and customising to the individual is what we do best.
  • Pricing: Deal direct with the manufacturer and get a very competitive deal.
  • Service: Ask any of our customers. We go the extra mile to make sure your happy.
  • Design: Our skills encompass engineering, textile design and industrial sewing. We believe in simple, long lasting designs that look attractive and desirable .
  • Ethics: The last thing anyone wants is an expensive white elephant. These products can provide life changing help in the right situation, please use our expertise to help you decide if our products will work in your application. We will never try to sell you a product that we believe is not suitable.


Obtaining funding in the current climate is no easy matter. The information below may help you obtain funding.


We have designed the Safe and Sound pods to fit into the two main categories of funding. All our pods are fitted with feet that can be left free standing making it fall into the equipment category, or alternatively  they can be fixed to the floor making it fall into the adaptation DFG grant category.


Need support for your meeting with the Panel?  Sara Rodway OT was so impressed by the results she got after loaning two of our travels pod to twin autistic six year olds, that she wrote a case study to help her application for funding for two permanent versions. Good news is the panel were so impressed that they agreed to fund one (a first for that area). Sara has very kindly let us have a copy of this report to help others obtain funding. Please see the resource section below

Newlife one of the best funders we know.

  • Cerebra
  • Elifar
  • Lifeline 4 Kids
  • Caudwell Children
  • Children Today

Most charity funders will require an application form to be completed by both the family and a healthcare professional. Some grants are means tested others are not most of them will require the following information:-

  • Methods you have tried before looking at our equipment ( behaviour modification, stable doors etc)
  • Evidence that council funding is not available.
  • A pro-forma Invoice for our equipment.


With careful selection our products can make a big difference to users and their families (carers).  We design our products to be flexible in the amount of restriction they provide.

Under the mental heath act we are advised that the minimum amount of restriction must be used to keep that individual safe.

To comply with the guidelines we offer the following features:-

1) Both Mini and Midi models are available with both low and high sides.

2) Netting roofs are available as an optional extra (not built in) on all high sided models accept travel pod. They can be fitted at time of purchase or added at a later date if required.

3)  We employ a special feature on the zips to give the carer control over the level of restriction used on the door zips, please see the Pod feature video below for more details. NO locks or clips are used.

4) The most important issue with restriction is to ensure that the staff or parent using the equipment fully understands the correct way to use it. Please phone us to discuss how to ensure the equipment is used within the law.


If your familiar with our products and its been fitted into straight forward room we can normally do an assessment by phone with a room plan being completed by the family or healthcare professional. If however your not sure and the users needs are complex or the room is difficult to measure we will do our best to do a home visit within a reasonable period of time dependant on your distance from OL14 5RF.

We also do demonstrations at monthly meetings and in schools where several parents can see and test the reaction of the intended user. Please phone us to discuss.


To generate a quotation we will require the following information:

  • Details of the intended user: Age, approximate weight,list of habits such as smearing, picking, climbing, challenging behaviour, biting.
  • Any other equipment to be used with the Pod such as hoist, feeding tubes, oxygen tubes etc
  • Details of the carer or parent: Will the users right to minimum restriction be respected and will the equipment be used in the correct way to ensure a long trouble free life?
  • Simple room plan showing room size, ceiling height and position of doors and windows.
  • Type of pod required, small bed sized or large as possible to suit the room size.


Independent case study by Sara Rodway OT , this may help you with the funding panel: Sara Rodway case study

Guidelines for safe use of pods : SAFE AND SOUND pods

Print out our product comparison sheet: comparison with other safe enviroments

Extra brochure aimed at OTs :  NEW OT LEAFLET

See the full range of videos on our Youtube channel

Hi-Lo Cot with stylish DesignWhy should special needs equipment be boring and a bit scary? Since these pods can end up being used in peoples homes for many years we believe that both function AND form are very important. In our experience both the user, their siblings and the family enjoy a product that looks inviting not medical.
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